5 secret websites to make money online 2023 without investment

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Secret websites to make money online is trending among a lot of people. Since March 2020, making money online has become a need and people started to realize the value of earning money online as a passive source. There are a lot of options available currently and it can be really confusing. Worry not, we have analyzed and shortlisted some of the worthful websites to earn extra money. The list will updated and more secret websites to earn money will be added.

Here are few trusted online money making sites

1. Teachable.com

We all have some experiences in life. If you have expertise in your field or you have a unique skill set. You can easily make a course of the skill you have gained and learned over the years and sell it on Teachable.com. This website has some easy options to create the course you have in mind. Once you make the course, set the price and start selling, Teachable.com has end-to-end process handling of your course

2. Usertesting.com

As the name suggests, usertesting.com is a website where you will test websites and apps in order to earn money. The process is easy, you have to register on their website and start testing the websites based on their procedures and provide feedback to them. You can easily earn 12$ by doing this task. If you are looking for easy way to earn money online, then this a good option

3. Wrapify

Wrapify is a website which lets you to wrap your car and drive. The more your drive , the more you get paid. You can earn easily make 500$ per month, just by doing what you were already doing. The company will wrap your car in different option such as 180, 270 & 360, which basically means the amount of wrap on your car. You just have to drive your car with the wrap and they its kind of passive money.

4. Swagbucks : Rewards and more

Through Swagbucks you can earn money by watching videos, completing some tasks, and surveys. The website has many other tasks and play games which will let you win swagbucks, which can be easily converted to cash or gift cards. These tasks are fun to do and makes a lot of rewards.

5. Goodreads: Give reviews and get paid

Get paid to give reviews about the books you read. Isn’t it a brilliant way to earn money. If you love reading books, then this is the best option for you. You can enjoy reading the book you love and also make a in depth review summary of the book and submit it to the Goodreads.

Goodreads will analyze your review and publish on their website, and you can even get paid around $1000 for your valuable review about the book. Some of our friends have gone through this method and they easily make around $1500 for their reviews and you could also be called for the meet ups with the authors for a fancy lunch or dinner.


In conclusion, with the above listed websites and more to be updated, earning money online all depends on your skills, expertise and interests. Be sure to select the right tool for your journey to succeed in the process of making money online.

Always remember that making money online requires dedication and hard work, and a lot of effort. If you’re passionate about what you’re doing then, it might an easy cake for you. If you love the process, put in some efforts and right mindset, anybody can easily earn money online.

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